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The team at OPSMC aims to bring you leading information regarding sport’s medicine services and educational articles available from Melbourne’s leading sports medicine doctors & practitioners. With Clinics across all across Victoria (Melbourne in AAMI Park, East Melbourne & Geelong) our practitioners aim to provide you with educational articles that take into account their vast experiences and medical expertise from years of medical experience in sports medicine.

In addition to education and advice, we aim to provide you with an insight into our doctors & practitioners medical interests as well as updated sports news. We love to find the best and most relevant information to give your experiences in sports additional insight that you may not receive elsewhere. Whether it is dealing with the physical pain of injuries suffered during sport or learning to overcome the mental barriers for your next goal, the team at OPSMC will always aim to guide you to get to where you want to be.

In the event you have a topic you would love to discuss with our team or you require additional information that is not present in the articles, please contact the team at OPSMC on 1300 859 887 and book an appointment through our online booking tool.