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Cycling Set-Up

Professional Cycling Set-Up & Cyclist Screening Service

Cycling Performance

When riding, do you ever suffer from:

  1. Back, Hip or Knee pain
  2. Stiff/sore neck
  3. Numbness
  4. Lack of power and explosiveness?

Do you feel uncomfortable on your bike?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above questions, then perhaps your bike set-up is incorrect and could potentially cause injuries. Many cyclists have an incorrect bike set-up or poor technique, which can lead to acute and chronic injuries or decreased cycling performance.

Many cyclists suffer pain and reduced performance unnecessarily. Clinical assessment of the cyclist at OPSMC will allow you to:

  • Maximise performance
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Get more out of your cycling.

The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever invented. However, the performance of this unique man/machine unit is affected most by the function of the Human element. Important human factors include:

  • Body measures and dimensions
  • Regional strengths and weaknesses
  • Flexibility
  • Cycle set up and body position.

Cyclist Screening and Bike Fitting at OPSMC

Bike Set-Up and Cycling Screening

Olympic Park Sports Medicine Clinic offers a professional cycling set-up service with physiotherapists, Gary Cairnduff, A.P.A. Sports Physiotherapist. Gary is a physiotherapist with 18 years of clinical experience, and over 20 years of cycling experience including road endurance and race experience. He combines his love of cycling, sports science and sports physiotherapy to help cyclists both great and small to achieve their goals.

Cyclist Screening and Bike Fit at OPSMC

Cycling Set-Up & Cyclist Screening Service

Bring the following to the bike set-up session:

  • Bicycle (with appropriate "slick" tyres for a stationary trainer)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Orthoses if applicable
  • Cycling shorts and jersey

Note: Bike must be in good mechanical order.

Please allow up to 90 minutes for a session.

The bike set up and cyclist screening service is available with the OPSMC cycling physiotherapists at our East Melbourne Campus.

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Bike Set-up Appointments

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Maximise Your Cycling Experience - Cyclist Assessment & Bike Set Up at OPSMC

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