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Rachel Nelligan

Clinical Pilates Practitioner
Olympic Park Campus
BPhysio, DMA Clinical Pilates, Advanced Dry Needling


Rachel Nelligan graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She initially commenced working in the public hospital sector gaining experience in traumatic brain injury and movement disorder rehabilitation prior to moving into private practice.

Rachel is a fully trained DMA Clinical Pilates instructor and believes strongly in the importance of movement and exercise for both rehabilitation of injuries, pain management and to keep us moving better, and feeling stronger.

Rachel is passionate about working with people to better manage chronic and painful conditions as well as women’s and men’s health related problems.

Rachel also works at The University of Melbourne where she co-ordinates physiotherapy clinical trials in chronic condition management such as osteoarthritis. She is currently investigating the benefits of exercise, exercise adherence and phenotypes; how to match the right exercise to the right person.

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DMA Clinical Pilates, Level 4, DMA, completion
Advanced Dry Needling, Jörgen Forsberg, Select Physio
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhysio), University of South Australia
Campus Key
Olympic Park Campus
Geelong Campus
Warrnambool Campus
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