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Simon Tursi

Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist
Olympic Park Campus
CM(Sports), DipHSc(RM), AdvDipMyo


Simon has been working as a massage therapist for the last 15 years and recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy, from having a strong interest in exercise prescription.

He has had a lot of experience working with athletes and sporting people, including 8yrs with the AFL/VFL umpires, Triathletes, soccer, basketball, water polo players and body builders.

He specializes in deep tissue massage which he has found great results with bigger male athletes, subsequently leading to a greater cliental base of female also requiring a deeper style of massage.
The benefits from Deep tissue massage are the reduction of muscle tension, the break up and elimination of scar tissue within fascia and muscles.

Simon would love to travel to America, and gain experience working with American Football (NFL) or Basketball (NBA) players. Seeing the differences in the training and rehab techniques and incorporating them in his treatment.


Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (AdvDipMyo), Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
Diploma of Health Science (Remedial Massage) DipHSc(RM), Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
Certificate of Massage Therapy (Sports) (CM(Sports)), Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy

Career Highlights / Affiliations / Associations

  • Massage Therapist – AFL/VFL Umpires (2001-2009)
  • Head Trainer (Massage) – VFL Umpires (2004-2009)

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