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Ben Cunningham

Hand Therapist
Olympic Park Campus
MSc(Hand&UL), BOT


Ben Cunningham is currently the hand therapist at the Collingwood Football Club (AFL) and the director of Action Rehab. Ben has over 19 years’ experience providing hand and upper limb therapy, including three years working in the United Kingdom at the Queen Victoria Hospital and eight years as the senior clinician at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Since graduation in 1996 Ben has been working in the specialist area of Hand Therapy and completed a postgraduate Masters of Clinical Science (Hand & Upper Limb) through Curtin University in 2006. Ben is currently a Lecturer at Monash University where he has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate Physiotherapy students.

Ben is a full member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) and has served as the divisional representative for Victoria on the management committee. Ben is the author of the Hand Trauma and Fundamentals of Hand Therapy workshops run through the AHTA and has presented on these locally and interstate. Ben has taught both here in Australia and overseas on the specialist area of hand trauma.

Through his role at Collingwood Football Club and Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre Ben has treated a wide variety of sports related hand, wrist and elbow trauma. Ben has led the way in the treatment of complex intra-articular fractures in the wrist, hand, thumb and digits, presenting at national and international conferences. Ben is an expert in wrist injury and has worked with athletes restoring wrist core stability allowing them to return to sport sooner than expected.


Masters of Clinical Science (Hand & Upper Limb) (MSc(Hand&UL), Curtin University
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), La Trobe University, Melbourne

Research / Publications

MSc Thesis: Therapy-led screening clinics: Reprioritising waiting lists and improving patient flow., 2006

Professional Conference Presentations

  • Presenter, Hand Trauma and Fundamentals of Hand Therapy, AHTA 2009 – 2015

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